Three Times a Day Health Reading

Blue Flower GraphicsI know, with every fiber of my being, that I was born to experience joy. I know that I have the ability to create joy. I have free agency to decide how I want to feel and think in every moment.

My life’s purpose is to develop my talents, my mind and my character. I am here to excel, learn and grow. Just as a plant must either grow or die, so it is with me. As long as I am alive, I will be in the process of growing. Growing pains are an unavoidable part of this process. More suffering is created when I resist the process of growth. I choose to accept what is and I have the character to learn from the pain.

Sometimes the pain goes on for a long time. There is no end in sight. In these times I choose to take one moment, one hour, and one day at a time. I just get through this moment in trust and choose gratitude for what I do have. I choose to see the positive in everything and distract myself from the pain. I greet troubles and setbacks with curiosity and gratitude rather than fear. I am curious what the lesson in each situation might be. I am curious to see how these experiences will make me stronger or better.

Trusting God, the Universe and the process of life is the foundation to happiness. It is the first step to creating more joy in my life. The simple truth is – peace and joy are possible no matter what circumstances or challenges I face. Happiness, security and peace are states of mind and I can choose them any time I want.

This journey may look scary, dangerous and miserable at times. But I have a safety net below me. The perfect process of my life is that net. Every experience is here to serve my growth at some level. Nothing will be wasted, there are no exceptions. I will only have experiences, if they serve my education. If something doesn’t serve my education it won’t happen. That is how life works.

Understanding this truth makes my journey feel safer. I choose to trust God, the Universe and the process of life that they know what they are doing. I trust that every experience is serving me every day, no matter how challenging it is. I turn each day into an achievement and let it make me wiser, stronger and more compassionate every day.

God and the Universe are in charge, and everything in my life has a purpose. There is proof of this all around me. This entire world and everything in it testify to this truth. Nature is perfect. Life is perfect. There are no accidents. Everything in the Universe is conspiring to serve me and educate me. Life is actually on my side all the time.

Because of this I have confidence that good things will happen in my life. Good things are happening right now. Better days are headed my way.

I choose to expect positive outcomes no matter how bad things look. Being optimistic serves my soul. I have no idea what’s around the next corner. I cannot see the future. So, I might as well assume it’s going to get better. That will make today hopeful and light. If tomorrow ends up bad, at least I was happy yesterday. I choose to be positive every day.

Every day I wake and decide to make today a great day. God and the Universe are there to help me grow and become the person I am meant to be. I am strong and filled with vitality and love. I am right on track in the perfect process of my life. I trust everything will work out in the end.

I have positive intentions about what I can accomplish every day, but I’m not attached to expectations about my performance. With no expectations I am not disappointed or discouraged. There is no need for disappointment when everything is my perfect journey.

I choose to greet the unexpected with an open and curious heart. I choose to let go of the need to control my life. I still set goals and strive to reach them but I am motivated by love of life not the fear of failure. I gain strength and character from the climb, and satisfaction of having accomplished whatever I did and surviving the challenge. I am staying in school and not giving up. I will fight negative thoughts to my last breath, that is something I can do and win.

Health issues are not a sign of weakness or personal failure on any level. They are just an interesting lesson about the human condition. They give me empathy, compassion and a deep understanding of suffering. This makes me a better person. Through these challenges I am discovering my power, strength and potential. I am discovering who I am in new interesting ways. I am gaining the wisdom to help others when they suffer.

I trust God and the Universe to provide me with everything I need to fight the battles that come. I take action, born out of trust, and the universe opens doors for me. Everything I need shows up right on time. When I fall down, I get back up and keep growing. I do this because I am strong. Strength is part of my true character. I can handle anything and create joy in the process. Better days are always ahead.

This day I choose to focus on the love I have to give. I have gifts, knowledge and compassion that I’ve earned through my struggles. These gifts are now mine to share with the world. I send my love and wisdom to heal the suffering in the world. I do all in my power each day to lessen the suffering of others and help and lift everyone I can.

I greet this moment with calm and peace. All is well. There is nothing to fear. My life is like a flowing river that is constantly changing and never the same one moment to the next. Some days the way is rougher than others, but I will bend, flex and flow; I will not break.

I take each bump in stride flowing around the obstacles, I keep on going. I accept this path with equanimity, having the same emotion towards all of life’s experiences. I have curiosity and gratitude towards the lessons, trusting this too shall pass. I don’t crave the positive nor resist the negative. I understand that both serve me and neither is permanent. I embrace the entire journey and I love the gift of life.

I make the most of every moment in trust and love.

Reprinted with permission from ClarityPoint Coaching

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