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Wed, Jul 27, 2011

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 I’ve gotten great at speaking the truth, my writing on the other hand is a different story.  When I wrote a post over a year ago about goal setting and taking action I didn’t take Matt Cutts advice;  stick to it for 30 days. I had started list-making on my computer desk top.

I didn’t do as I committed to of daily writing my to-do list on my desktop, I realize I’m a paper and pencil kind of gal.

So I bought a cheap planner, one that I can carry in my purse. I’m going to write my lists every night just as I learned in college.  Top of the to-do list five days a week will say: SPEND (at least) TWO HOURS on ACTIVITIES THAT WILL PUT ME IN A POSITION TO MAKE  MONEY.

I’ll be the first to admit, that many times I get caught up in things that draw me away from my goals.  As I follow Matt’s advice to take action for 30 days I’ll realize my dreams!

How have you put your dreams into action?  I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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44 Responses to “Take Action – Try it for 30 days”

  1. kirstine Says:

    I agree with guy in the audience who laughed at 0:25. when he said “the great American philosopher Morgan Spurlock” Then I was speechless with disgust to realize he wasn’t joking. Seriously? A speech about following a self-help book called “30 days”? Serious gag material right here. One of the worst TED talks ever given.


    • Linda Grace Says:

      So you’ve listened to Ted? You’re funny, serious gag material?! Looks like you’re trying to start a fight! :)
      ps. Why don’t you get a Gravatar, a picture connected to your comments?! I created a post to show you how to get this simple and free account! Check this out here: http://lindagraceonline.com/get-the-focus-on-you/ After you do come back and leave a comment and let me see!


  2. Chris McCargar Says:

    Linda… You took immediate action – just as you said you would! Kudos! I wont kid myself to say that this will be a “cake-walk” but I’ve set my goals for the next 30 days and am going to meet or exceed them. (1. to lose 30 lbs and 2. -unrelated- take 30 pictures)

    For me, one of the dreams that I thought I would never attain was reaching the Shodan (black belt ) in karate…and now here after being away from it for over 28 years, (and trying to overcome illness) I’m starting at it again …learning all-over again, as a newbie. It’s humbling, but at the same time invigorating to learn something like this from another Sensei (teacher). This is a long term goal.
    Chris McCargar recently posted..Kimberly and The WFMy Profile


  3. Sue Price@residual income Says:

    Linda good on you for taking immediate action in doing this post. I knew you would.

    I love the video and the concept. I am right with you. I am taking on this idea too.

    I have started many 90 day challenges but have not stuck to them. 30 days seems so much more doable.

    I am looking forward to hearing about your results.

    Sue Price@residual income recently posted..What is Diversification? – Part 2My Profile


  4. Amit@Forklift Training Says:

    Just realized how much i hate Matt Cutts. Again.
    But he’s got a point, this is how i got addicted to jogging. I got to a point where i would think all day about the time i’d go jogging. Worse than smoking.
    The video also reminded me i always wanted to write a book. Though my problem is not the lack of habit but more the lack of ideas.
    And did i mention i hate Matt Cutts?
    Amit@Forklift Training recently posted..OSHA Forklift CertificationMy Profile


    • Linda Grace Says:

      How can you hate Matt Cutts? And even after he reminded you about your future book?! I look forward to hearing why you don’t like him and also to reading your book!


  5. Tyler Says:

    Hi Linda,

    I am now interested about Matt Cutts and his piece of advices. Thanks for the video, I like it.
    Tyler recently posted..cheap car insuranceMy Profile


  6. Michael Says:

    A 30 day challenge is Much more practice and relevant as a time frame.

    When it is longer then this, It’s weakening the “changer” and he might quit the change and loos it into a daily routine.
    I personally prefer to keep all of my changes in a “plug & play” principle .. implementing the thing on the spot… but that’s me .. I am impulsive by nature so..

    But a good thing to take from this video – which is totally cool is

    “Not to go to sleep before you have written your words for today”

    This is a key thing in getting things done.

    Thanks for a wakening post dear :)
    Michael recently posted..10 Important Tips For HomeschoolingMy Profile


  7. sanjay Says:

    Good for you! Keep following your list and hope success. Looking forward till the end of your list.
    sanjay recently posted..How to create your own Opt-in Form in PhotoshopMy Profile


  8. Tara @ Testosterone Treatment Says:

    Linda –

    Great advice, thank you for sharing this video and your experiences! I am more of a pen/pencil and paper kind of girl myself.. It’s good to know that there are more of us out there!! :)



  9. Nicholas Scott@Press Release Example Says:

    Good for you!You took immediate actions . Keep following your list and hope success. Looking forward till the end of your list.
    Nicholas Scott@Press Release Example recently posted..Portable Steam Cleaners in 440, 480 or 600 Volt DesignsMy Profile


  10. Tartine@forfait iphone Says:

    I am now interested about Matt Cutts and his piece of advices. Thanks for the video, I like it.
    Tartine@forfait iphone recently posted..Les forfaits Origami Star pour iPhoneMy Profile


  11. jane Says:

    Thanks so much for the link and the motivation! It seems like those first steps getting started are the hardest part. I need to re-watch this and sit myself down with a pen and paper and figure out what my goals are going to be for the next thirty days. Good luck to you on yours. Can’t wait to hear how it’s going.
    jane recently posted..Aug 1, Worst Weeds In The World?My Profile


  12. Andrew Walker Says:

    Hi Linda. Thanks for sharing this. It’s a very great advice, and video!
    Andrew Walker recently posted..Sherweb Promotion CodeMy Profile


  13. Clark Minn Says:

    Hi Linda…I am glad that you have included the video in this post…Anyway, thanks a lot!!!Nice one here…
    Clark Minn recently posted..Top Healthy Ways to Lose WeightMy Profile


  14. Ashley@Nikon P7000 Says:

    Hi Linda,
    thanks for sharing this video. It helped me to discover more inspirational and helpful short videos.
    My personal approach is to divide things into small manageable chunks to start with. So, for example, if I wanted to start going to the gym regularly (which I really should) I would start by going there on day one and only do very light exercises for about 10 minutes. It is important that the time I spend in the gym is less than what I think I could. That way I leave the gym feeling that I could have done more. I will keep doing this for a few days until I feel ready to slightly increase the time spend and the difficulty of exercises that I do.
    Once you have made going to the gym a regular part of your daily routine you have successfully changed a habit.
    Ashley@Nikon P7000 recently posted..Nikon Coolpix P7000 ReviewMy Profile


  15. Rosie @ Dentistry 90048 Says:

    Great video, really motivational! I think I’m still trying to figure out what my dreams really *are,* and I’m pretty sure I need to do that before I can start fulfilling them. Watching videos like this and reading these articles is definitely a good start, though!



  16. Tom @Transcription Services Says:

    The single killer of success is the inability or refusal to take action. Do something, get the ball rolling and then perfect it from there.


  17. John Mak Says:

    Hello Linda,

    Great Video and Great Post! I am already doing that but in the middle it’s very hard to follow! LOL It needs persistence and patience and written goals! Whatever we do needs to be written so we can see it and we can focus on.

    Have a great day!
    John Mak recently posted..iPod Protection Plan Review & Pricing DetailsMy Profile


    • Linda Grace Says:

      Yes, persistence and patience is needed!!! I’m sorry to report that I didn’t make it longer that two weeks on my goal! This blog is wonderful for accountability!! I’ll be on vacation for 8 days, visiting my mom in Corpus Christy then when I get back it will be the same goal starting day one!


  18. Carlton Says:

    This has really got my creative juices flowing. It serves as a great motivator.

    Thank you,



  19. Chris@Breville Juicer Says:


    Time-management and productivity is what I’m really struggling with right now. I just feel as though I will never have enough time to complete even the basic tasks I need to accomplish every week–and that’s not even half of all I’d really LIKE to be doing!
    A couple hours a day, five days a week for thirty days–I can manage that! Right now I’m trying the method of larger chunks of time fewer times a week but I do find it harder to sit still and be productive for longer than an hour or two.
    Thanks for the great motivation! It’s really nice to hear that productivity is an issue that even professionals like yourself struggle with from time to time.


  20. Justin@forensic science degree Says:

    Good luck Linda! I’m sure you can reach your goal. Matt gives some very great talks via TED. I enjoy his talks and have been able to incorporate some of his advice into my daily routine. I have a few changes I’m implementing now (using the try-it-for-30 days- tactic)but I will have to come back and share with you later. A great piece of advice I picked up from watching Derek Sivers’ TED talk where he advises people to keep their goals to themselves so as not to waste their energies talking about it.
    Justin@forensic science degree recently posted..FBI and Homeland Security Target Anonymous HackersMy Profile


  21. houston dentist Says:

    This post is very informative about speaking the truth. I like this writing very much. This video is also very informative. I want to share this information with my friends I hope they will also like it. Thank you for your great wring and video.


  22. beach umbrellas Says:

    I m agree with this guy.I would like to appreciate this.I can manage that! Right now I’m trying the method of larger chunks of time fewer times a week but I do.


    • Linda Grace Says:

      I like him too! And maybe I should try what you’re doing. I get distracted away from the difficult things, trying larger chunks of time with a laser focus might make it even easier!


  23. ashley Says:

    I love the video and the concept. I am right with you. I am taking on this idea too.I want to share this information with my friends I hope they will also like it. Thank you for your great wring and video.
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  24. Dennis DeSouza@del mar real estate Says:

    It’s a really inspiring video, thanks for sharing. It sure is worth a shot. For me, the hardest parts of doing something new is getting myself to do and not being afraid to do it, once I get those out of the way I can pretty much do anything. The only thing stopping us is us.
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  25. Mariano@como fazer origami Says:

    Touche. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the good work.


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