Self Esteem-This One’s For The Girls

Self Esteem fireworksI’m sure you’ve seen her. You might even know her. That super confident, always poised person who isn’t swept up in the opinions of others. Her healthy social relationships are relaxed and joyful. Although she values her friends and family, she’s strong enough to make good decisions without crumbling to the pressure or expectations of those around her. Everyone treats her with great respect and seems happier when she’s around. In fact, she’s usually happy herself. Often it even seems that she gets favorable treatment wherever she goes.

Why did she seem to do it with such ease?

Studies have shown that people with healthy self-esteem really are treated differently than people with low-self-esteem. Because of this treatment, it re-enforces what they already believe about themselves. Higher self-esteem people often receive favorable treatment. They’re strengthened by positive past performance and they believe they are and will be successful in what they set out to do.

Low-self-esteem people are often plagued by doubt, past rejections and failure. They are more likely ignored, put down, rejected, not listened to, compared to others or labeled than their higher self-esteem counterparts. Because they rely on others to support and approve of them, they give in to peer pressure more often.

It really does matter what we think about ourselves.

It is easier than you think to become the confident, poised person you long to be.  I can teach you in 12 weeks what took me 25 years to learn and overcome!  It all starts with the Fear Assessment, you can take it by clicking right here.

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Linda Grace Cox - headshot to right - 150x150 About Linda: With a bachelors in Social Work, Linda is 54 years old, happily married with eight children and has been living with Multiple Sclerosis since 1995. Linda’s unexpected path in life has led to her helping others choose happiness in their own realities. Linda’s focus has always been to help others with compassion and nurturing, whether working as a group counselor at the abused women’s shelter in Anchorage or while raising their eight children, Linda has always been a nurturer. Her gift for wanting to help others fits perfectly into reaching her goal of becoming a certified life coach.

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