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This is the first step to changing your life and becoming fearless, confident & happy.

The Assessment doesn’t work on a mobile device – please visit the site online to take it.

Have you ever been lost, even though you had a map? A map is useless if you don’t know where you are. The most useful map is the one at the mall with the little red arrow that says “You are here”.

You must know where you are now – before you can figure out where to go.

Our amazing version of the Hartman Value Profile Assessment Tool will show you where you are now. It will give you the chance to see on paper, how fear is affecting your life, how your subconscious thought processes drive your behavior and how your values affect your decisions.

Our clients are AMAZED at how accurately this test measures the way they think and see the world. It is unlike any Personal Assessment on the market today. It is a powerful tool for personal, professional and team development.

You will be asked to rank 18 statements according to how “good” or “bad” they are. This is not about whether they are true in your life, but how good or bad they are relative to the other things on the list. Just go with your gut and put the most good thing on top and the most bad thing on the bottom, and so forth.

Take your time and think about what each statement means in the world. If it says “I hate my work” – the question is how bad of a thing is it to hate your work, relative to the other things on the list.

We will both be sent an email with your personal report that shows exactly how fear is affecting your subconscious thinking and your life. When I see your results in my inbox, I’ll contact you to schedule a FREE session to explain them to you!  I look forward to seeing your results in my inbox!

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