A Master Observer, Like A Mouse In My Pocket

mouse in my pocketIt wasn’t until I was working at AWAIC (Abused Women’s Aide in Crisis) that I got it! I finally saw what it means to be honest, to be a master observer. I saw myself for the first time from a third person perspective, as my boss saw me (bless her heart!) like a mouse in my pocket. I was working, impressing everyone around (as far as I could see), it wasn’t until my boss, Jeanne, called me on it, that I saw it for what it was! I wonder how many other people in my life saw it, but didn’t have the nerve to tell me what they were seeing!

I was good at what I did. I knew the material, I had the attention of the crowd. I educated the boys in the Juvenile Detention Center about the devastating effects of domestic violence. I talked about the cause, the pain that both the victims and perpetrators were feeling, and set goals for the boys.

My goal was to help them get out of the cycle of abusive behavior and heal from the abuse they’d experienced. I knew full well that most of these boys were abused and abusive.

Jeanne called me to her office after the class, to debrief. She asked me how I felt about the class. Of course I told her I thought it went well. The boys continued to pay attention, right until the end. I was sure they must have gotten information at least in their ears, it would take many more times (if ever) until it became a part of their lives.

Then the blast hit. Jeanne said, “It looked to me like you were flirting with the boys.” I couldn’t believe it! I wouldn’t do that! I was 25 years old! These boys were still in high school! I was a happily married woman, with 3 children! I would never even think about such a thing!

That is the truth! I would never have consciously thought of such a thing! As we talked about it, I couldn’t deny it! The way I commanded a crowd of hormonal boys was to keep their attention through my mannerisms, my jokes, my smiles and an occasional wink. As I felt the discomfort washing over me, sitting in the office with my boss, I was so embarrassed!

I felt so guilty! I couldn’t help it, I started to cry! (Later, I learned that is another coping strategy). I had been so proud of myself, teaching these boys things that I was sure they had never heard before, (another thing that I learned – they knew too much and how to hide it!)

Twenty five years later I took the Fear Assessment for the first time. I am amazed at how I was able to get a glimmer into my subconscious by simply taking this free 20 minute test!  Even after I became an awesome observer like a mouse in my pocket, it wasn’t until I completed the Clarity Point Coaching Program that I was able to successfully reprogram my subconscious mind and live fearlessly!

Signature Linda Grace Cox

Linda Grace Cox - headshot to right - 150x150 About Linda: With a bachelors in Social Work, Linda is 54 years old, happily married with eight children and 15 grandchildren and has been living with Multiple Sclerosis since 1995. Linda’s unexpected path in life has led to her helping others choose happy in their own realities. Linda’s focus has always been to help others with compassion and nurturing, whether working as a group counselor at the abused women’s shelter in Anchorage or while raising their eight children, Linda has always been a nurturer. Her gift for wanting to help others fits perfectly into her becoming a certified life coach.

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