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Tue, Nov 15, 2011

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Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. ~Jim Rohn

When teaching us about building our network marketing business, Jim Rohn tells his story.  He said he was a skilled farmer first before he decided to make his fortune.

He knew he was good at farming but it didn’t pay much.  I am a mother and know I’m a good one, and that doesn’t pay much either (my husband jokes saying, “I’ve paid you well.” – and he has, but it’s not a fortune!)

I’m ready to make my fortune.

When I hit my speed bump of MS, I knew I had to look past my plans of returning to work after the kids were in school.   After three years of studying and searching online, I’ve found a way to make my fortune!

Listen to Jim Rohn’s words in this YouTube video. If you’re a hard worker, willing to learn the necessary skills and are ambitious success will be the end result!

“Character isn’t something you were born with and can’t change, like your fingerprints. It’s something you weren’t born with and must take responsibility for forming.”
Jim Rohn

Jim gave us a ton of information in this talk!  I’ve taken notes as I listened and the following are Jim’s words:


“Personal philosophy

“Profits are better than wages.  Wages make you a living and that’s fine.  Profits make you a fortune which is super fine.

“I’m working full time on my job but part time on my fortune.

“I found a way to make my fortune.

“Right now I’m working full time on my job, part-time on my fortune.

“If you’ll really concentrate on the 10,12,15 hours a week it won’t be long if you really do it right and learn some of the skills I’m going to teach you.

“One of the greatest recruiting tool is working part time.  Working part time gives you a classic invitation for someone to listen to what is changing your life.

“It’s not the blowing of the wind that determines your fortune, it’s the set of the sail.

“Opportunity mixed with difficulty.

“For things to change, you have to change. Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.  Accept the challenge, develop wisdom to overcome the challenge.  You can do the most remarkable things no matter what happens.”

“Discovery of unique product that you can believe in.

“Law of averages

“If you do something often enough a ratio will appear.

“If you talk to 10 people and 1 says yes, the ratio has begun 1 out of 10. Talk to 10 and get one.

“Once it starts it tends to continue if you talk to 10 and you get one chances are if you talk to 10 more you’ll get another one, talk to 10 more and you’ll get another one.

“Now the Competition Begins! You can beat anyone!  If you compete with a sales person who can get 9 out of ten, you can still beat them!  If you can get 9 out of ten and I can get 1 out of 10 I can beat you!  If you talk to 10 and get nine.  I’ll talk to 100 and get 10. I’ll beat you.

“When I’m new I make up in numbers what I lack in skill.

“Law of averages can be increased. If you repeat over and over, you get better and better, and we all can get better!

“We don’t have to bat 1000 to make money.  Three out of 10 is sufficient to make you rich beyond imagination. The way Jim went after his friends and family, I have started a new business and I’m getting about 3 out of 10 to join. I don’t care if you don’t want to join, just come to the meeting and be one of the seven.

“Story of the sower


Had excellent seed (product)

First part of the seed fell by the wayside and the Birds got them. The birds are going to get some.

“Don’t chase the birds you leave the field if you do. Which will distract from your future, not add. Isn’t that interesting?

“Sower kept on sowing because he knew that he could sow more than the birds can get.

“There are only 10 miserable people in the whole world that are miserable people.

“Now the seed falls on rocky ground where the soil is shallow starts to grow then withers and dies.

“Hot weather gets him.  Isn’t that interesting.  Some don’t stay.  Cooperate with the way things are set up.

“Discipline your disappointment.  You didn’t set up the set up and some are not going to stay

“Sometimes the seed falls on thorny ground.  As the seed grows the thorns choke it to death.

“The thorns are going to get some.  And that’s not of your making.

“Don’t sign up for this ‘why is this class’. It is the way it is!

“Sower keeps sowing the seed, giving an invitation.

“Finally the seed falls on good ground. It always will if you share a good idea long enough, it always will fall on good ground.  Some of the good ground did 30%, some 60%, some of the good ground did 100%

“Skills; Getting a customer, making a sale. Sharing something with someone else and sharing it well enough that they want to join you.

“Simple art of sales

“Making sales, recruiting, learning how to give a good presentation and following up.

“Nourish it like a mother and protect it like a father.

“Nourishment ~ ideas like a mother and protection, help defend your new life against encroachment of outside voices that would try to talk them out of it.

“Be the bridge from the shadows to the sunshine.  The most exciting part of network marketing, help people cross the bridge out from discouragement into recognition.

“You’ve got the answers, they’ve been looking for the answers You see something in them before they can see it themselves. You assure them that they can be more than they are. They can have more than they got, have more than they possess.

“Find a way to serve the MANY because service to many means greatness.

“Help people with their problems and you’re disappear.  Same product difference is ambition.

“Serve as many people as you would like.  Service to many leads to greatness.

“Don’t ask what people can do for you, ask what you can do for them.  Money isn’t everything but it ranks right up there with oxygen.” ~Zig Ziglar

“If you help enough people get what they want you can have everything you want.” ~ Zig Ziglar

“If two or three people agree on a common purpose, nothing is impossible.

“We all need to belong to something bigger than ourselves.

“I did it again and I did it again and I did it again.” “Don’t be lazy in language.

“Help people see themselves as they are. Then help them see the person that they can become.

“Learn to work with the people who deserve it not the people who need it. Teach people how to deserve your time. You try, I try.

“The greatest value in life is not a bank account, a car, a home to live in.  The greatest value in life is this:  Living a good life.”  1. Productivity 2. Good friends 3. Spirituality: Study, practice, teach. 4. Don’t miss anything. If you live well, you will earn well. 5. Take care of the inner circle, take care of them and they’ll take care of you. 6. Ask for God’s help. We have a chance as human beings to participate in the miracle processes.”

Jim Rohn passed away December 5, 2009.

“He left indelible foot prints behind.”  Darren Hardy said at his tribute. His life and legacy of inspiration and business philosophy was captured in the books written and notes taken at his events that will be passed on for generations.

I have learned from Jim Rohn and will continue to study, learn and practice all that Rohn believed and taught. I will follow in his footsteps until I too have made a fortune!

Remember just as Jim said, “If two or three people agree on a common purpose, nothing is impossible.”

Has Jim Rohn influenced your life like he has mine?  Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Baby Strollers Says:

    Thanks for the Information.. nicely put together .
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  2. Candice Says:

    I love his personality. That’s what you call a real personality of a successful person. As what I can see, his personality is different, but for the best part it is absolutely outstanding. I like the way he differentiate profit from wages, which is true if you will analyze carefully the definitions he gave for both terms.
    Candice recently posted..חנוכהMy Profile


  3. Mark@Plan B Profits Says:

    The video is very empowering. I am very much attracted to the benefits that it can give me.
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  4. Joseph Says:

    I’ve learn a lot from Jim Rohn’s perspective in life and insights in this business.His articles is a good motivation if you need to.


  5. Annie@Media Buying Says:

    Great quotes! This strikes a chord with me because I went to grad school for psychology, but worked my way into my current career through sheer self-motivation and entrepreneurship. It’s scary to walk away and start over, but fortune favors the bold.


  6. vanz Says:

    Hi Linda,
    After reading the whole article, all I could hypothesize is that Jim is supposed to be the real man to be followed with. As I could see from my reading and observation in your article, I could elaborate that He really have the guts to be considered as a good points for us newbies in business.
    vanz recently posted..Have You Found Your Home?My Profile


  7. BuySellWordpress Says:

    All the things he says should be taken into consideration by everyone. It doesn’t mean that we should do completely the same, but at least we should pay attention on the words that are said by such an experienced and successful person. Thanks a lot for sharing


  8. furniture stores Says:

    Hey nice article written on building a networking. Thanks.


  9. Barry Says:

    Personally, I hate Networking business because it will destroy our economic such as less employment rate, bankruptcy, and less revue for the government taxes.


    • Linda Grace Says:

      I’d love to hear more about your feelings regarding MLMs! I really don’t see it like that!


      • Barry Says:

        Networking Marketing Businesses can not provide a large portion for laborers or workers such as retailing/wholesale business, distribution companies, Government projects (If there’s no revenue or tax collection then no projects), and Manufacturer companies.

        What I really mean is that networking business can not truly give a better economic in our Countries because the money can’t rotate properly. I thinks its like a Pyramid Scam and also most of their product are not prove by the FDA or WHO.

        Can you see my point of view?

        Thank you ^_^
        Barry recently posted..A Closer Look At Prevage by Elizabeth ArdenMy Profile


    • Dax Says:

      And that my friend, along with a purely online business setup that can be run from anywhere in the world, is why I love it!

      Call me an immature child if you like but thats what I am aiming for, stick it to the man like he sticks it to you every single day!
      Dax recently posted..Stop your heartburnMy Profile


  10. jessica Says:

    It is a method of distributing products and services in which independent distributors market products and services primarily through their network of contacts. They can also recruit new distributors and earn overrides on sales made by those they recruit. Some examples of network marketing companies are..


  11. Sue Price Says:

    Linda I loved Jim Rohn. He had such a good message and it will carry on.
    I personally saw him speak twice. Ivan my husband did a three day workshop with him many years ago.
    Thanks for sharing this important message.

    Sue Price recently posted..Video Conference on Auto PilotMy Profile


  12. Edna J. Snider Says:

    i agree with Candice i also observed that his personality is different, but for the best part it is absolutely outstanding.Thanks for the information anyway.
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  13. Daniel Wood @ Video Production Services Says:

    Hi Linda, thanks a lot for putting together all these inspirational words from Jim together. It’s such a motivational post that I would like to go over it again and again.


  14. Mike@eyeglasses Says:

    I like Jim Rohn a lot. I think he is an awesome motivator. I have read lot of his stuff and one can definitely learn a lot from Jim Rohn.
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  15. Irish Jade Says:

    Network Marketing business is really good and effective specially nowadays. Many people manage their own sales and recruit other to join.


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  17. Bruce @ Unique Bird Feeders Says:

    Hello Linda, I stumbled on your blog from a post I put on MY blog, that linked out to Ana Hoffmans page that showed a long list of ComLuv enabled blogs. Kind of what the Internet is all about isn’t it.

    Just thought I’d stop by. I see your focus is more MLM, but lots of inspirational stuff too.

    Bruce @ Unique Bird Feeders recently posted..Bird Feeder Online ShoppingMy Profile


    • Linda Grace Says:

      Hey Bruce!
      You are so right, this is what I love about the blogging community!! As I say, it’s every social animals dream come true!! I look forward to seeing more of you!


  18. CorinneC Says:

    Thanks for the great article! Love the video, and it inspire me a lot!
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  19. Daniel Black Says:

    This is truly inspiring, especially for a newbie like me. I believe that the problem with starters is the lack of ambition and the ease with which we get beaten up with disappointment and are unwilling to move forward. But again, as was pointed out, with time, new skills are acquired. Thanks again, this was beautifully written.
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  20. Kevin @ Nampa Real Estate Says:

    Wow… I have heard of Jim Rohn but your post had some great insights I have not come across before. He highlighted some really good truths in life which go far beyond business.
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    I understand what Jim is saying – but it sure is tought to stay motivated sometimes! Still, blogs like this one Linda, at least inspire some hope!
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    Thanks for this wonderful article. I learned a lot about networking business. Waiting for other side.
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  24. Ashley @ personal injury accidents Says:

    “Character isn’t something you were born with and can’t change, like your fingerprints. It’s something you weren’t born with and must take responsibility for forming.”

    This was the best line I’ve read here. I felt sad that I was not able to know Jim Rohn when he was alive. How I wish I was able read his blogs, on real time. :(

    I was really inspired by him. I’m glad that you shared his thought here. Thanks for this.

    I’m going to follow the LAW OF AVERAGES. A new law for me to learn and practice :)


  25. kim Says:

    Nice article Linda! Sometimes we have to ambitious and inspired to be able to be successful in life. Just like Jim Rohn, he never nailed himself to farming instead he strive for success and fortune.
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  29. Dennis DeSouza@san diego homes Says:

    I think I may have a new favorite person. :) I like how Jim thinks and talks, he does know a lot about network marketing and not just seeming that way.

    You too Linda! Great article. :)
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  30. Anna Says:

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  31. Cristian Balau Says:

    I love when folks like Jim start sharing and giving advice, such a great opportunity to learn! As far as the influence part goes, this is the first time I hear of Jim Rohn and I’m sad he passed away but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna look into hes teachings a little more now.


  32. RachelAng34 Says:

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  35. Ashley @ personal injury accidents Says:

    Though he already passed away, he’s teachings, quotable words and reputation remain unquestionable and a legacy.

    More prosperous speakers truly sets Jim Rohn as their standard.
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  42. Malcom Says:

    That’s always how I have thought. Formal education can and will get you an average to good paying good, but the real high paying wage is going it alone. Therefore I would must prefer to have that fire in the belly that wants to succeed.


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  47. Andy Says:

    Very nice post, love the quotes. I’ve been a big fan of Rohn for a while. Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy both mentioned him a while back and converted me in to a fan of his work. One of the all time greats, no doubt.


  48. Jonathan @ Destin FL Long-term Rentals Says:

    Thanks for posting the video. It amazes me how every time you watch a video or read a book, you can become more motivated, confident and increase your knowledge. I recently started reading Walt Disneys biography and it is astounding the motivation and drive he had.


  49. James@moneysavingzone Says:

    Some great insights from Jim Rohn. I have to admit that a lot of what he says sounds pretty much what MJ Demarco has to say in the Millionaire Fastlane (I know Jim said it first 😉 )
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  50. Rae Says:

    I have always been a fan of Jim Rohn! I truly appreciate the quotes about your personal philosophy. More power!


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    I absolutely love Jim Rohn and everything he teaches! Thanks for sharing!


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    Wow thanks linda for sharing your notes! :) One that I love most is:

    “Be the bridge from the shadows to the sunshine. The most exciting part of network marketing, help people cross the bridge out from discouragement into recognition.”

    I think one of the things I like most about marketing is it allows you to educate people and help them be enlightened. You help people to discover new things.
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  65. Jaykee@Diversified Entities, LLC Says:

    Excellent material,! It’s great learning from someone doing and not just talking.


    • Linda Grace Says:

      Jim Rohn is one my favorite motivational speakers! As I was learning the art of sales, he was my first teacher and after learning from many, in my eyes he’s the best!


  66. Driving Lessons in Newcastle Says:

    Its an amazing article.I love it.“Law of averages can be increased. If you repeat over and over, you get better and better, and we all can get better!” I am agree with your article.Thanks


    • Linda Grace Says:

      Yes, it doesn’t matter what business we’re in, the law of averages is the truth. The better we get it our business the more conversions we’ll make and the percentages can motivate us. Jim Rohn is one of my all-time favorites!


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