Google Webmaster Tools ~ how Google works!

Mon, Oct 1, 2012

Accept Abundance

I am amazed at how easy it is to learn on the web! I just received an email from Google Webmaster Tools that I’d like to share with you! YouTube has a tutorial for almost everything!

I had no idea what a spider is! I’m wondering, did you know about Google spiders is?

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  1. Radu Says:

    I had no idea that the searching process is that complex. I was sure that they are just comparing some keywords and maybe the relevance but it seems that i wasn’t even close to what is.


  2. Fern Says:

    Wow, that’s some complex searching process eh!we don’t think about these things when we type in keywords. Understanding the whole process makes us a lot wiser eh!


  3. Dena-Lynn Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Love this video! Thanks for sharing this visual of how Google works. Impressive how it does all that in seconds :)
    Dena-Lynn recently posted..10 Affirmations to Overcome FearMy Profile


  4. hel Says:

    I count on some useful SEO informations, that what he said is very unuseful for me :/


  5. Says:

    always your post number one for me thank you


  6. Mary Warsaw Says:

    Thank you for sharing the movie.
    It helped me a lot and improved my mood :) I will certainly use the advice. You tube is the answer for everything :)


  7. James@gw2 leveling guide Says:

    Hello, Linda. This is an awesome video. The search process is explained very easily. It’s amazing how all these steps happens in just a second.


  8. David@Visit Site Says:

    Who knew that Google was all that complex? Wow!
    David@Visit Site recently posted..Long Distance National Moving – Everything You Need to Know AboutMy Profile


  9. carbaug1 Says:

    this is really nice information about about google seo tool. thanks for sharing this


  10. Sam@insulation manchester Says:

    I’ve been using Webmaster Tools for a while, this really explains it well.
    Sam@insulation manchester recently posted..Our Top 5 Energy Stories – 24th October 2012My Profile


  11. builder Says:

    good post, Google is amazing!


  12. Jeff Says:

    Hi Linda, the video is very educational. Many bloggers failed in their career because they tend to avoid this kind of stuff without realizing that it’s essential.
    In my early years as a blogger I really didn’t use the webmaster tool. I just open an account there because some “guru” said that you should connect your blog to the webmaster tools without realizing its true value.
    But now, it’s part of my every blog and maintenance.
    Jeff recently posted..WP Engine Review: The Truth Behind WP Engine Managed HostingMy Profile


  13. Taylor Says:

    I had no idea there were Internet spiders. As long as they don’t crawl on me, I’m fine. :) Very informative video!
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  14. Nice game Says:

    This collection is very effective.Thanks


  15. Web Design Company Says:

    Nice sharing! We understand the search process very easy.


  16. Pest Control Wigan Says:

    Thanks Linda for sharing the informative Matt Cutts video on how Google Spiders work…… A different sort of spider from the ones I deal with at

    Cheers Ed


  17. Kristian Says:

    Even though Matt Cutts has a reputation for being somewhat tough, I like how he explains things in his videos. He does it in a way that its digestible for newbies but not very boring for more experienced users.

    And this is definitely one of them.


  18. Aditya Kayshik Says:

    good explanation in this video related to google webmaster tools.


  19. Packers Movers in Bangalore Says:

    Very informative video on how web search work..


  20. Gerald Rehfeldt Says:

    yeah, using webmastertools is a must if you want to succeed in SEO
    Gerald Rehfeldt recently posted..usuwanie negatywnych komentarzyMy Profile


  21. Abel Griffen Says:

    Great post! Thanks linda for sharing such an amazing video. I wasn’t so much into Google Webmaster Tools. Now I’m into, I really like this guide. Easy to understand all about Google webmaster tool. thanks!


  22. daisyzoe Says:

    I am impressed, I need to say. Actually webmaster tool is very useful for seo purpose.


  23. Riz @ Broadband Internet Says:

    I’ve been using GWT for almost a year now and in this one year, I also tried other analytics platforms such as Piwik and Open Web Analytics but GWT is undoubtedly the best of all due to its simplicity and the extensive data that it provides us. We love you Google :-)
    Riz @ Broadband Internet recently posted..The latest and revised list of best BSNL Broadband Plans 2013My Profile


    • Linda Grace Says:

      Thanks Riz for letting me know! I haven’t taken the time to check out other analytics platforms so I’m happy to hear from others who have~ and I’m especially glad to here that I’m promoting the best!


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