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Tue, Oct 26, 2010

Accept Abundance, Find Yourself

Copywriting  is king! is a fabulous resource to help you master copywriting. It will take you step by step through the entire process and  give you the necessary skills to create awesome copy! With this free help, and some determination, you can become an expert!
I was looking for which one to use: accept or except and I found this page to learn that and even more!  I decided to share this resource with you!
Here is an example of what I needed and found for today:

 Affect vs. Effect

To this day I have to pause and mentally sort this one out in order to get it right. As with any of the other common mistakes people make when writing, it’s taking that moment to get it right that makes the difference.


“Affect” is a verb, as in “Your ability to communicate clearly will affect your income immensely.” “Effect” is a noun, as in “The effect of a parent’s low income on a child’s future is well documented.” By thinking in terms of “the effect,” you can usually sort out which is which, because you can’t stick a “the” in front of a verb.

While some people do use “effect” as a verb (“a strategy to effect a settlement”), they are usually lawyers, and you should therefore ignore them if you want to write like a human.

Could of, Would of, Should of

Please don’t do this:
I should of gone to the baseball game, and I could of, if Billy would of done his job.

This is correct:
I should have gone to the baseball game, and could have, if Billy had done his job.
Why do people make this mistake?

They could’ve, should’ve, would’ve been correct, except that the ending of those contractions is slurred when spoken. This creates something similar to a homophone, i.e., a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning, e.g., of, which results in the common grammatical mistake of substituting of for have.


Me, Myself, and I

One of the most common causes of grammatical pain is the choice between “me” and “I.” Too often people use “I” when they should use “me,” because since “I” sounds stilted and proper, it must be right, right? Nope.

The easy way to get this one right is to simply remove the other person from the sentence and then do what sounds correct. You would never say “Give I a call,” so you also wouldn’t say “Give Chris and I a call.” Don’t be afraid of me.

And whatever you do, don’t punt and say “myself” because you’re not sure whether “me” or “I” is the correct choice. “Myself” is only proper in two contexts, both of which are demonstrated below.

Many consider Chris a punk, but I myself tolerate him. Which brings me to ask myself, why?

Improper Use of the Apostrophe

 For contractions (don’t for do not)
• To show possession (Frank’s blog means the blog belongs to Frank)

Basically, you use an apostrophe in two cases:

If still in doubt, leave the apostrophe out. It causes more reader confusion to insert an apostrophe where it doesn’t belong than it does to omit one. Plus, you can always plead the typo defense if you leave an apostrophe out, but you look unavoidably dumb when you stick one where it doesn’t belong.

Head on over to for all your copywriting questions!  Take a look and let me know what you think!

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48 Responses to “Become a Copywriting King with”

  1. Peter Fuller MBA Says:

    Hey Linda

    I read Copyblogger just about every day. Great source of informaion, just like you :)
    Peter Fuller MBA recently posted..Brand yourself online with your own “Nerve” CenterMy Profile


  2. Ana | Traffic Generation Cafe Says:

    More people need to read this, Linda! Especially Me, Myself, and I part:).

    Thanks for sharing such solid info.

    Ana Hoffman
    Ana | Traffic Generation Cafe recently posted..How Blogging Can Increase Your Lead Generation by 67My Profile


  3. Darlene Davis Says:

    Incredible information. Wish this was in a Blogging 101 Course that everyone had access to. Thanks for sharing!
    Darlene Davis recently posted..Shall We DanceMy Profile


  4. Stacy Says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this resource, I have never heard of it and I can’t wait to check it out!
    Stacy recently posted..10 Reasons to Appreciate DifficultiesMy Profile


  5. Sue Price@residual income Says:

    Linda a great source of information. I have gone and registered already. I laugh as the one there that stumps me often is effect and affect, it is the one I have to think about. You explained it well.
    I love the help tools you come up with.
    Sue Price@residual income recently posted..Network Marketing Today Part 2My Profile


    • Linda Grace Says:

      The funny thing is that I have to refer back to my post to remind me – affect and effect is still a problem. I don’t know if it’s MS or age or brain overload, whatever it is, remembering is difficult! :)


  6. Belinda Cunningham Says:

    You have sure picked a handful of my hardest english grammar. After 50 years I still have to think about these and am sure I get them wrong a lot of the time. Am going to print out your post and stick it to the wall for easy reference.
    Belinda Cunningham recently posted..6 – Organised planning – The crystallisation of desire into action part 1My Profile


  7. Patricia@lavenderuses Says:

    Hi Linda

    I love reading well-written posts with correct grammar and punctuation. It is hard for those bloggers whose first language is not English, but they often try harder as they are aware of the fact that there are complexities and more exceptions to the rule with the English language than most other spoken languages.

    Copyblogger do have quality posts. I used to read their posts regularly but these days I am so busy with my own blog and interacting in the commentluv community that I don’t really visit there anymore. Thanks for sharing with us

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia@lavenderuses recently posted..Lavender Products-cheap but not so cheerfulMy Profile


  8. Paul Barrus Says:

    Hi Linda,read your blog about copywriting you did a great job. I got your blog address from TSA. Hope you will check out my blog and leave a comment. Have a great day Paul


  9. Don Enck Says:

    Hi Linda,
    This was fun. Felt like I was back in high school for a minute LOL. I find it interesting after reading a lot of different blogs the nature of the language and verbiage people use. I’ve heard some say they write poorly to appear more down to earth and real to their readers. That’s fine but at least use the right words and correct spelling. I enjoy reading blogs that convey in a more natural conversational tone then those that are perfectly polished and written by word smiths. But, I always notice spelling. I admit…I’m not perfect at this but some people are either really bad at this or just don’t proof read their work.

    Don’t get me started on there, their, and they’re. That’s another big one people miss often. Thanks for sharing a great resource with us.
    Don Enck recently posted..The Blog Mastery AwardsMy Profile


  10. Nicole Rushin Says:

    This is a great post. I get e-mail updates from Copyblogger. They have some great information. Another one to follow for grammar is The Grammar Girl. I often use that one as a resource. Affect and Effect is a good one. I recently learned the rule of weaved, woven, wove. Now that is super confusing. Too much to learn. I am mostly forgiving of people unless it is blatantly ignorant. Thanks for this post. I am a sick one, I enjoy learning all of these grammar rules.


  11. Toni King Says:

    Hey Linda,
    Thanks for the English education this morning :)
    You’ve explained these differences very well, you’re a little fountain of knowledge :)

    I think I mostly get it right, however I’m sure there are times I don’t.
    When I’m quickly typing a conversation I don’t pay too much attention to my punctuality, (Kylie can vouch for this :) however in a post or article I’m very particular.

    Armed now with your teaching I’m hoping to improve on that ratio.
    Thanks for sharing this great post and the link to a great source of information.

    In Health and Wealth

    Toni King recently posted..Blog Mastery AwardMy Profile


  12. Louise Steiner Says:

    Hi Linda
    Thank you so much for sharing this valuable resource. I’m forever googling for spellings and grammatical differences, so now I have a one-stop shop.
    What confuses me the most is the difference between english and american spellings….the spell checker is american, but I try to stay true to my british roots and use the english spellings….however, I can see myself giving into using american spellings someday soon.
    Louise Steiner recently posted..“Google Page Rank” Demystified!My Profile


  13. Glyna Humm Says:

    Hi Linda – Ahh – affect vs effect – that one has always stumped me too. I have not heard of but will definitely check it out after reading this. Thanks for sharing this info!
    Glyna Humm recently posted..Confessions Of An Online MarketerMy Profile


  14. Maggie Lancy Says:

    Great information!
    Thanks for the heads up


  15. Suresh Khanal@seo mmo tips Says:

    Thanks for pointing out the great reference and the current discussion as well. Language is much harder barrier for people like us whom English is a second language, I hope, you understand. I hope to improve gradually.

    The rest of the confusion, OK, I’ve managed, but still I feel it quite confusing when needs to choose among I, me and myself (rarely use myself). I’m more cautious and look into what I write to avoid some silly mistakes.
    Suresh Khanal@seo mmo tips recently posted..Top Chrome Extensions for Bloggers to Live HappierMy Profile


  16. Lesly Federici Says:

    Hi Linda,
    This was a fun post. I always have problems with grammar and the words you mentioned I trip over all the time.Thanks for the great resource!
    Lesly Federici recently posted..What Is This Really SayingMy Profile


  17. karin@socialbookmarking Says:

    Copyblogger is a great site. They have a wealth of information, not just regarding grammatical issues, but they also have valuable advice related to salesletters, landing pages etc. Thanks for sharing Linda.
    karin@socialbookmarking recently posted..Which Social Bookmarking Sites Should I ChooseMy Profile


  18. Deborah A. Ten Brink Says:

    Linda, what a fun post!

    Just like everyone else here, I enjoy reading well-written content where people actually use spell-checker! I realize a lot of people want to show their personality, relax, and just have fun — but as far as readers go, I think it shows respect when you do your best to give quality content as well as valuable content.

    Copyblogger — one of my favs!

    Thank you for expressing yourself, as a true copywriter!

    Deborah A. Ten Brink recently posted..Water It’s not about lack it’s about availabilityMy Profile


  19. Andrew Says:

    copywriting is vital need for our internet marketing business 😀
    Andrew recently posted..October Breast Cancer AwarenessMy Profile


    • Linda Grace Says:

      You are so right Andrew! I need to take time to write more posts about it! I could brush up on my grammar and everyone else would benefit from it! Right now I just can’t! Yikes!
      ps. Why don’t you get a picture connected to your comments? It’s free and easy! check out the post I created for that, and I’ll email you in case you don’t see this!


  20. Graham Says:

    We do need to get more people to that site. I was educated in England and at that time there was a great emphasis on grammar and speaking and writing correct english. I still cringe a little at some of the mistakes people make today – I guess the emphasis in the schools has changed and this is no longer a hot topic. Pity.


  21. Nancy Burke Barr, JD Says:

    Hi Linda Grace!

    I am another one who loves to learn about these rules. I think it is really important to use proper grammar if you want your blog posts to be respected. I should have realized that there were services like, but never thought about looking into it.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable resource!

    Mentor Mama


  22. Affect vs Effect Says:

    This is great blog and helps with the different uses of affect and effect. Thank you for informing us. The problem with these words is they sound the same when said, so thus the confusion.
    Affect vs Effect recently posted..Affect vs EffectMy Profile


  23. Daisy2011 Says:

    Nice thought. Simple error though but most of us sometimes use it the wrong sentence.
    Daisy2011 recently posted..Hello world!My Profile


  24. Raymund@Free Shipping Toner Cartridges Says:

    More posts like this Miss Linda. I enjoy reading posts like this because I learn a lot of grammar rules.


    • Linda Grace Says:

      Raymond, You left a bunch of comments on my blog, I thank you for visiting! I can’t say it enough, iWowWe is great for any business! I am so excited about iWowWe Video Emails! You’ve got to take a look at this! iWowWe honestly delivers a lot of bang for the buck! You can start out for free until you see the ease and value in this service. The compensation plan is very lucrative~ Check it out here:
      Seriously give it a try and tell me what you think!


  25. Charlotte@Maternity Online Says:

    This is a good source of information, I learn so many things here. Writing a blog should be written grammatically correct. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. More blessings.


  26. Sally Thompson Says:

    This is really great! I am a really about this.. Your article provides the info that i needed.. Thanks for posting!
    Sally Thompson recently oil changeMy Profile


  27. Carmen Says:

    Looks great, Linda. I’ve always been confused with copywriters and article spinners. I guess this sets the two apart.

    It boggles me how grammar seems to be taken for granted nowadays. People should pay close attention to the words they use in constructing a sentence or else they might give other people the wrong message.
    Carmen recently posted..Successfully Learn French NowMy Profile


    • Linda Grace Says:

      I think it’s a generational thing. Gen X stopped focusing on grammar now Gen Y has spell check so no one needs to really learn!
      ps. I’m one of the worst with grammer!


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  30. Monica Baby Strollers Says:

    Hi Linda,
    i always wanted to be a writer, But i’m not good at being creative in writing. I can write about a product or review it . Does this can hold me a career in online writing/ Content writing ?
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  31. sleep hypnosis Says:

    I use a copywriting service from time to time for my articles.
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  32. Free yearly credit reports Says:

    I hope you can provide me with some professional insights on how I can improve my blog and leave a couple of comments; any positive or negative comment are greatly appreciated. Thanks very much for your time and I hope to read more of your articles soon… Peace!
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  33. Web Design Agency London Says:

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