Choosing Clarity the Path to Fearless Living

Choosing Clarity the Path to FearlessnessHas Fear Become Your Comfort Zone? Fear will rob you of peace, joy, and motivation. It will damage your relationships. It is the root cause of most problems you face. Can you even imagine a life without fear, stress and worry? Author and popular life coach Kimberly Giles has created a simple system used by thousands of people around the world to beat fear and live with clarity, confidence and power. When you read Choosing Clarity, you’ll discover Kimberly’s revolutionary process to eliminate your fear of failure and loss, reprogram your subconscious mind and stop living on auto-pilot, feel better about yourself and your life, learn new ways to deal with people and problem, and write personal policies that create success.KIM Giles 250x362

Kimberly Giles is a sought-after executive coach, author, and speaker. She is the president and founder of Claritypoint Life Coaching and a popular media personality. She was named one of the top twenty Advice Gurus in the Country by Good Morning America in 2010 because of her unique perspective. Kimberly lives with her family in Utah.

Kimberly has written a book to help us know how to:
Eliminate our fear of failure and loss
Reprogram our subconscious mind and stop living on auto-pil0t
Feel better about ourselves and our lives
Learn new ways to deal with people and problems
Write personal policies that create success

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I agree with Matt Townsend, Ph.D, “This book is simple and practical – that is Kim’s Genius I think – to make life-changing principles simple enough for anyone to understand and practical enough for everyone to use. A definite must read for anyone seeking lasting change in their life.” Signature Linda Grace Cox

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