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Wed, Sep 5, 2012

Accept Abundance

I am exited to help you create a blog of your own!  I made a quick step by step process for you! I am an affiliate for all of these services, GoDaddy, Woo Themes, Thesis Theme, and HostGator.  They have all taken great care of me!  It’s unfortunate that by clicking on these links, you’re taken off my site!  I don’t want to loose you yet I want you to succeed in creating your own blog!   Please come back and show me your creation!

Step one: Register a domain name: A Domain is simply your site, your Blog (short for Web Log) or Website. Register it here with Go Daddy by clicking on the picture!

$12.99 SSL Certificates at Go Daddy 468x60

Step two: Decide on a theme (template)  WordPress has many free Themes. The best idea is to try themes and get a feel for what they look like and see if your needs will be satisfied.

I have chosen for this blog a Woo, Fresh News theme.

You can get a Woo theme by clicking on the rectangle link above and a new page will open up. Then click on the green box that says ‘Membership & Pricing” and you’ll be sent to a page where you can learn more,  join and of course pay!

My other site I use a Thesis Theme.  It works well for monetizing the blog.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Step Three:  Sign up for a hosting service. WordPress will host your domain for free, but if they do, they’ll have control over it. You definitely want to pay a service to host it and own your site.

Go Daddy is a great domain registrar however my mentor, Kimberly Castleberry says, “GD is *not* a place you want to be hosting WordPress sites.” I advise choosing Host Gator as your webhost.

You’ll also want to register a Gravatar~ a picture connected to your comments, actually your email address, so people can see who you are!

After you have your blog up and running, I suggest you join the TSA Tribe to learn from the best marketers how to leverage your time to reach thousands of potential prospects for your business!

This is the beginning of creating your WordPress blog.  As you will see, the theme or template is a basic shell for your blog.  No matter which you choose, you’ll need to add plugins to direct your blog to do what you want.

Look forward to a list of the basic plugins most commonly used for your blog, I’ll be back soon!

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62 Responses to “Begin to Create Your WordPress Blog”

  1. Brenda White Says:

    Its a great step by step guide to create a good blog site. I will come back and let you check on the site that I’ve created.
    Brenda White recently posted..ייעוץ זוגיMy Profile


  2. Joe@Snata Letters Says:

    This is good to know.Actually i was thinking to have my own site with word press.I already have site made in webs and blog site with bloggers.
    This post can help me in future.


  3. Chase Says:

    Wow these are great step by step process of migrating your blog to WP! And thank you for these step and tips! It will surely make the transfer more worthwhile. :)
    Chase recently posted..the language chronicleMy Profile


  4. Grant@Event Photographer Says:

    Hi Linda

    I totally agree- WordPress blogs are excellent. They are easy to set up and use and have massive benefits for SEO.

    Grant@Event Photographer recently posted..Event photographyMy Profile


  5. Flexispy Reviews Says:

    Hi Linda!

    I like your guide, simple and easy to understand. But I have a question, what is the different between in Godaddy and Hostgator?
    Flexispy Reviews recently posted..Flexispy iPhone ReviewMy Profile


    • Linda Grace Says:

      I am NOT tech savvy so I totally rely on my friends who are! Kimberly Castleberry explained that GoDaddy doesn’t have what it takes. She explained it in a way that I didn’t understand and don’t remember except the backup wasn’t adequate to save her from loosing everything. Hostgator according to Kim has it all. For me, Hostgator walks me through everything at all hours of the day! I rely of them to bail me out of every mistake I’ve made!


  6. Michelle Antonette Says:

    Hi Linda if it wouldn’t be a problem to you can you show some pictures of woo themes. I have no any idea how it looks like, but I have a good feeling that I will like it.
    Michelle Antonette recently posted..שליחת SMSMy Profile


  7. Ana @ Deceased Estate Sales Says:

    And it’s great that you are now sharing your knowledge. I wish somebody told me about the fact that I will not own my site if WordPress hosts it for free, way sooner.

    However, you have to make some beginners mistakes, right?


  8. vhien@SUV Insurance Says:

    Thanks for sharing your starting steps in blogging. Actually, I used Blogger but this is not a reason to try out another choice. Being a blogger is not an easy thing to do, it takes a lot of dedication and knowledge to be the best. Thanks for sharing these ideas,surely helps.
    vhien@SUV Insurance recently posted..Two-vehicle deer collision causes heavy damageMy Profile


  9. Dennis DeSouza@la jolla foreclosures Says:

    No one could’ve made a simpler step by step guide to making a blog than you just did. :) Short and straight to the point. I like it! You can never go wrong with WordPress and Hostagator, the themes are kind of a toss up for me. Amazing job here, Linda.
    Dennis DeSouza@la jolla foreclosures recently posted..Prices have fallen for La Jolla homes to levels not seen for over a decadeMy Profile


  10. Kayla @ Discount Furniture Burbank Says:

    Thank you for the tips Linda they are really helpful!! Is there a way to get a free domain? I can pay the $7 and some change if not, but I’m just wondering if there’s something else I can do that won’t cost any money. :)


    • Linda Grace Says:

      Yes, you can get a free WordPress blog, blogspot or blogger and they will host it so there is no hosting fees. The problem is that they own it and it can be taken away at any time. I suggest if you’re serious, pay for a domain name and hosting!


  11. Esteban J. Vasquez@business Says:

    There are many different ways to name your site and selecting a domain name can be as simple as personal preference or as complicated as an optimized name for purposes which we will cover in another post ..Public Or Private Domain ? Whatever your decision concerning what to name your blog the most important thing you need to do in order to get your blog up and running is to register its domain name.


  12. Robin Says:

    Is it true that WordPress blogs are basically the same with those of’s? I used to use the latter’s services but I would really like to try using WP’s.
    Robin recently posted..Italian Language Lessons Made EasyMy Profile


  13. Mark@Getting Started With WordPress Says:

    This is a nice simple guide to get a beginner up and running with WordPress. Getting a Gravatar is a good tip, and it’s something I keep meaning to do. I agree that it’s important to let people see who you are. Reading this has given me the push I needed, I’m going to sort out a Gravatar ASAP.

    By the way, if you don’t want people to leave your site when clicking on a link, you can check the “Open link in a new window/tab” box when you insert or add a link to a page or post in WordPress.
    Mark@Getting Started With WordPress recently posted..WordPress 3 Complete – ReviewMy Profile


  14. Fatima Hipolito Says:

    Very well explained! I am currently working on wordpress blogs right now, and your post is really helpful to me. I love to use wordpress for my blogs because it’s very easy to use. Your post is definitely a good read especially to the newbies.
    Fatima Hipolito recently posted..הדרכת הוריםMy Profile


  15. Baby Strollers Says:

    I’m more confused over to go with Blogspot or wordpress for my website ?
    Baby Strollers recently posted..What Not To Do With Your Lightweight StrollersMy Profile


  16. Sazirul Says:

    Very useful post. Rely wordpress is a easy content management system for all blogger.


  17. Gabriel Gutierrez Says:

    nice post!!!! this is helpful specially for those newbie in blog like me,thanks


  18. salary medical billing coding Says:

    I started out with a WordPress blog a couple of years ago.
    salary medical billing coding recently posted..Earn Your Medical Billing DegreeMy Profile


  19. Alex Says:

    Blogs are another kind of website. The content is usually organized by date and category with the most recent post/content displaying first.
    I like WordPress much better because there are a handful of free plug-ins you can use to make your blog much more interactive, functional and dynamic.


  20. Club Planet Clone Says:

    Thanks for your lovely tips Linda the post is really very informative and your idea is really innovative . Keep doing the good work and thanks for this awesome article


  21. Leigh @catering charlotte nc Says:

    This is a great article for anyone looking to get into blogging! I love using WordPress as well. I believe it is the most search engine friendly and user friendly option. Thanks so much for sharing!


  22. John Says:

    Word press is really a trusted site that gives oppurtunity to make a blog.and in this post,linda explain it really very well.


  23. michel Says:

    I appreciate your post linda.i was going to make a blog on wordpress,and suddenly i check your previous post and then i found your wordpress blog’s really nice for a useful domain name and themes is important for good wordpress blog.


  24. WordPress Development Services Says:

    Hi Linda.

    Thank you very much for providing step by step guidance on how to create a good successful blog using most powerful tool i.e. WordPress.


  25. Richard Says:

    Well written piece, unique and good advice for candidates. No question! Uniqueness is key! According to me you described that in very good way.
    You are so smart and this is a great post!
    Thank you for the great tips.
    Wow I didn’t know this! And I love your blog!
    What a great blog, I am bookmarking it

    I started following your directions. now you trained me to create a good blog for myself.
    Richard recently posted..Buy and get more twitter followersMy Profile


  26. Tony G. Says:

    Very nice step by step process. The wP installation and theme integration nowadays is pretty painless for the average user. Good tips!
    Tony G. recently posted..New Home Prices Increasing at Issaquah HighlandsMy Profile


    • Linda Grace Says:

      It is painless~ now that I’ve been learning for almost 4 years, things are getting easier! When I first started I needed someone to hold my hands through the entire process!


  27. Lincoln VanDeVaart Says:

    Those steps are really helpful. But is GoDaddy better than HostGator, for I have heard people way that HostGator is quite cheaper when it comes to hosting?
    Lincoln VanDeVaart recently posted..Kim Kardashian Tape NewsMy Profile


    • Linda Grace Says:

      Kimberly Castleberry, one of my mentors says that GoDaddy is a great place to register Domain Names but when it comes to hosting, HostGator or HostMonster are the way to go. Personally I used Kimberly’s advice and have only hosted with HostGator and HostMonster and I’ve had no troubles.


  28. Aayna@california massage school Says:

    A helpful post!! The post act as an aid in building a good website by providing the much needed guidance. Thanks for the share.


  29. carlita Says:

    Thanks for your article, it inspired me to work more on my blog :) will be checking the Thesis Theme you are referring. Thanks for the tip!
    carlita recently posted..Felix Pouch Mixed Selection 100 g (Pack of 44) by Nestle PurinaMy Profile


  30. Ben @ Soundtrack Man Says:

    Thesis theme is awesome! I hear it again and again when it comes to WordPress tips, got to be purchased and used.
    Ben @ Soundtrack Man recently posted..The Adjustment Bureau Soundtrack and Score by Thomas NewmanMy Profile


  31. auberges Says:

    I am a total beginer in that field. So far, I have created websites only using WYSIWYG tools. I am ready to move on to the next step. I will show you my website made with WordPress. Thanks


  32. Mei Mayore@Life Insurance Quotes Canada Says:

    I created a free wordpress blog. I think I need to practice blogging first. I would like to enjoy first free blogging.
    Mei Mayore@Life Insurance Quotes Canada recently posted..COMPARE LIFE INSURANCE QUOTESMy Profile


  33. Brisbane Driving Schools Says:

    Hi Linda! This is a great and comprehensive guide on how to set up a blog.


  34. Rihaaz@adobe certificate Says:

    What a great article.I am searching in google from couple of days about wordpress blog.but i din’t find any complete knowledge.But now my journey came to an end.Thanks a lot for this informative and useful article.


  35. Aditya Kayshik Says:

    WordPress blogs are excellent. They are easy to set up for benefits for SEO.


  36. John Gough Says:

    Thanks that is a good step by step start.; I would be interested in what plugins are being used. I am based in the UK so use a UK based hosting company. Cheers
    John Gough recently posted..Keter Apex Shed 6 x 4My Profile


  37. Biometric Solutions Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Your posts are always so interesting to read, and I’d love to see more!
    Biometric Solutions recently posted..Implement Time Management & HRMS Solutions for Euro GaragesMy Profile


  38. Linda Grace Says:

    Thanks Darren! Absolutely Akismet and I’ll look into Yoast SEO!


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