Alani Claire ~ Just Right

Tue, Oct 9, 2012

Personal Development

Alani Claire is a 14 year old Pop/Soul Singer from Palmer, Alaska. Her mom is a good friend of mine! My mom always taught that ‘pretty is as pretty does’ and Alani is truly beautiful! I’m very excited to share with you her work. Alani really is my claim to fame!

Music and Video produced by Jeff McCullough
Written by Jeff McCullough and Victoria Lynn Peck
Lead Vocals by Alani Claire

I’m excited to see Alani Claire get her music out to the world! I’m amazed to see this awesome performance by someone so young!

Tell me how impressed you are of Alani Claire in the comments below!

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18 Responses to “Alani Claire ~ Just Right”

  1. Cristian Balau Says:

    She has the talent and the voice. But she need to keep working on it, she’s only 14 after all.
    The song itself is terrible, especially the lyrics and it doesn’t reflect her potential.
    Sorry, I’m just being honest here.


    • Linda Grace Says:

      I appreciate you giving your honest opinion, what do you mean the song itself is terrible. What exactly do you think makes the lyrics bad. Personally I love it, we literally create our own destiny. The fact that you feel it’s terrible makes me suspicious that you don’t feel that you have control of your life.


      • Cristian Balau Says:

        My personal opinion on a song = not in control of my life ?

        If you like the song, well congrats, it doesn’t mean everyone should see it your way.
        Seriously, you know nothing about me or my life, learn to accept a honest opinion.


    • zion Says:

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      • Linda Grace Says:

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  2. ZAHID Says:

    Cristian Balau it’s your opinion I like your opinion only you honestly speaking My opinion is to promote the talent you promate it in very good way by advising what she do in future these tips help him alot.
    Regards ZAHID From


  3. Tommy@Roulette Strategies Blog Says:

    She is really talented for being 14 years old. However, there are so many kids today that are talented so you must really be unique to be a star. Just look at all the talent shows today. We have 7-8 year old kids singing like whitney houston. I was out in the forest playing, or picking my nose when I was that age. It’s a different world today for sure.
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  4. Mary Rodcliff Says:

    She is got talent. Her voice is so beautiful, and herself too. Let me know when she is dropping an album so that I can buy it.
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  5. laws of attraction Says:

    I am a big fan of your song.really great post.
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  7. John Says:

    I love her song .She is touching the the top stars day by day ..


  8. biogetica Says:

    She really has got some serious talent. Loved her song. :)


  9. Mason Catledge Says:

    Alani’s album is available on iTunes. Just type in Alani Claire. It should pull up. What an amazing young talent!!!! She has an amazing voice!!! The right person just needs to hear her and her career will just take off.


  10. Sewer And Drain Cleaning Says:

    She is talented. She and her voice are so beautiful.


  11. Hazel Says:

    she’s still very young but with an exceptional voice. her voice is like an angel singing.


  12. Sneha Says:

    Nice song i enjoy to watch this video.
    Thank you
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