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two teenagers having a fightBasic Principles of Human Behavior

Principle 1:  Fear drives most human behavior and it drives 80 percent of bad behavior.

Principle 2:  If someone is behaving badly, it is usually not about you. It is usually about their fears about themselves. They might be taking it out on you, but it’s not really about you.

Principle 3:  There are two core fears that drive most bad behavior. They are…

1. A fear of not being good enough (the fear of failure).

2. A fear that my life’s not going to be good enough (the fear of loss).

Principle 4:  People often cast you as the bad guy so they can feel better about themselves and feel like the good guy. Just because they create this story, doesn’t make it true.

Principle 5:  If most bad behavior is motivated by fear, then most bad behavior is really a request for love or validation. That is what this person needs.

These five principles can help you understand why people behave badly.

It is amazing how understanding these principles changes how we feel about others bad behavior.

When we feel irritated or offended by someone, when we understand the cause, we often choose a positive reaction.

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